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BizTalk Server is MicrosoftÆs premium integration platform. Integration solutions often span multiple business units and unify many disparate technologies, including legacy line of business applications. Businesses become successful when they are able to respond quickly to changes in the market place, client demands, and trading partnersÆ needs.

BizTalk Server-based solutions are often supported by other Microsoft technologies like SQL Server Integration Services, Windows Communication Foundation, and Microsoft Message Queue Server. Selecting an appropriate technology is based on a solid understanding of how you want your enterprise to operate. Design addresses manageability and future extensibility. Deployment plans address current and future scalability and provides the infrastructure for integrating with your clients and trading partners.

My consulting services span the complete project lifecycle, starting with inception through to user acceptance testing, and productive deployment. Along the way, I offer my experience through guidance, mentor and work along side your staff, and provide detailed documentation and reports to give you insight into project progress and budget use.

Larger organizations I work with often rebrand the services I offer and integrate them into their solution delivery methodology, thereby providing high-quality service backed by the organizationÆs brand.

Consulting services are available onsite, in Canada, the United States of America, and other countries. I also offer virtual (offsite) consulting using remote tools and have experience working with remote teams in different time zones.

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Guidance and Architecture

Modern solutions strike a balance between buy versus build: solutions combine commercial, off the shelf (COTS) products with custom implementations to reduce overall development effort, improve time to market, yet have the benefit of on-going vendor-based support. Many organizationsÆ staff are domain experts in their line of business applications yet have cursory understanding of other applications and how they could collaborate to extend business value into new areas.

Guidance and Architecture evaluates your approach, or starts a new approach, and guides your organization and staff based on business goals, staff capabilities, required response times, and many other important factors. The resulting solution fits your business model and leverages your staffÆs capabilities so that your business operates at its most efficient, even during deployment and hand-over.

This engagementÆs deliverables often include functioning prototypes, architecture documents, implementation guides, technology assessment and guide, and staff readiness review. Working with your team of business, technical, project management and other stakeholders , I design a plan or with within yours to deliver the solution within your businessÆ constraints.

Candidate Review Service

One job ad often attracts thousands of responses, many of which are perfect for the role you want to fill. With high volumes of resumes and interviews, it can be difficult to assess a particular candidateÆs technical skill and personality for inclusion on your staff or team.

Once you select a number of candidates – your short list – the Candidate Review Service can help evaluate candidatesÆ technical capabilities thereby boosting confidence in your hiring decision. Many candidates say they have experience with XML, yet few can discuss the various types of XML schema, nor can they provide examples of where one type of schema is more appropriate (in fact, few candidates understand the relationship between XML schemas and XML documents, yet they present themselves as experts in XML).

The opinion of the Candidate Review Service is independent and focuses on candidates capabilities that you can leverage to meet your business goals. The review includes a report of a candidates suitability, an assessment of how closely the candidateÆs reported proficiency aligns with their actual proficiency, and more. The service is provided by reviewing resumes, and (or) performing in-person or over the phone interviews.

Content Development

Documents. TheyÆre easy to read, yet notoriously difficult to write. Get it right, and nobody notices – as it should be. A well-written document becomes transparent because you focus on what it says, not how it says it. A poorly written document is probably among the most expensive items your business can buy. No one reads a poorly written document, so they make the same mistakes over again. Poorly written documents need to be re-written, often by poor writers. Finally, the poor document gets replaced – often by something thatÆs not much better because the new writer used the previous document as the starting point.

As a published author, technical reviewer, and contributor to books, magazine articles, and articles on the web, my writing represents my topic and how I approach it to all readers. Writing is a paradox since you need to be alone to write, yet it is for use by many and is often about topics that have a high level of awareness, yet little understanding.

Content development services include short articles (300 words), article rewrites, reports, book-length works, manuals, user guides, help documentation, business requirements, business processes, etc. I enjoy writing and do it every chance I get. So use my skill and interest to your business advantage. Need a report? An email? Delivering good or bad news? Contact me to discuss.

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"Erik excels in roles that require technical creativity and innovation. He is one of the very few people for whom technology is a way of life. Staying abreast with the latest and the greatest comes naturally for him. I found him to be very meticulous about the smallest technical details on projects while maintaining sight of the greater goal. I found him to be a great mentor to junior technical resources and very good writer."

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