Old books as a canvas

Old books as a canvas

July 2nd, 2013 // 4:37 pm @

Paintings, drawings, sketches are, on their own, renderings that fascinate and often encourage introspection and often raise questions.

I recently posted about an artist’s use of old books to create sculptures using the books’ pages.

Now artist Ekaterina Panikanova is featured at the z2o gallery in Rome, Italy – she uses old books as her canvas for drawings in ink:

From the gallery’s press release:

“In this exhibition, entitled Un, due, tre, fuoco (One, two, three, fire), the artist presents an unpublished series of works in which, with the use of an intense black mark, she intervenes on old books, notebooks and prints of different eras that could be seen both as supports and conceptual structures.

“The drawings recall childhood memories in a constant attempt to find again the most deep and close roots of our being”

Short of visiting the gallery, take a look at the renderings on old books.

(It’s interesting that the photo of the z2o gallery on the contact page is the Google Street View image)

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