It’s official – the London 2012 opening ceremony sucks

It’s official – the London 2012 opening ceremony sucks

July 27th, 2012 // 8:29 pm @

Beijing has nothing to worry about – the Beijing 2008 opening ceremony remains the best Olympics opening ceremony.

Watching the London 2012 opening ceremony confirms what I had suspected all along (starting with the preview of London 2012 at the Beijing 2008 closing ceremony) – the London 2012 opening ceremony sucks. In fact, it’s not worth the cost of the bandwidth I’m using to watch it online – they wasted $41m.

The photo is a great example of just how disorganized the ceremony really was:

Update (July 30) – Thank you for all the great comments – nice to find others that see it the same way!

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  1. Ana

    10 years ago

    London olympics ceremony is a parody

  2. Irritated

    10 years ago

    Oh my goodness!!!

    This is really LAME! What were they thinking??? with all the culture they have they really
    Could have done better!

    Africa’s FIF2010 was brilliant – and that’s Africa! This is a developed country- what hogwash!
    Waste of time!

  3. Maxwell

    10 years ago

    BS show, couldn’t impress a kinder garden, With this circus
    Waited patiently, it will kick off. Nope nothing happened. Lacebook update on screen and David on speedboat. Wow… There are more art in Banksy’s missile thrower than this show

  4. CQ

    10 years ago

    I gave up on it after 45 minutes. I kept checking back for the next half hour. Nothing much besides Mr.Bean flinging his snot rag.
    Then incessant drumming as the Athletes began to file in. That’s what I think of when I think of England, lots of drumming? I was already disinclined by the evil Penis Eye Mascots, a refusal to honour the 1972 murdered Israeli Athletes, and the Nazi styled 2012 Games lettering.
    Sad to the Queen being included in the James Bond bit. Although I was hoping for a highwire Tardis appearance.
    At least London 2012 hasn’t killed anyone, yet, unlike Vancouver’s Winter Games.

  5. james gow

    10 years ago

    i love how the family was mixed race, and the girl went after a black guy

    i love how the black kid in the scottish choir was actually from northern england. they had to drive him up just to make it multicultural

    did the labour party do this ceremony? what a pile of crap

  6. Chris

    10 years ago

    When I think of the UK I think of the redcoats, the powerful Empire and a people who are proud of their country. I saw none of this in the ceremony.

    This was just embarrassing. Utter unorganized garbage with typical British forced diversity and multiculturalism.

    China still isn’t topped. How Britain has fallen.

  7. Jackie Hoyt

    10 years ago

    Agreed. What a crappy ceremony. They are really pushing the multiculturalism down the throats of everyone too. Last time I checked Britain was 1.0% black. Why was every second person black and why was the typical British family part an interracial couple? It was so forced.

  8. Amber

    10 years ago

    It was a really unorganized, visually busy and obtuse way to share their culture with the world. Why on earth did they spend so long making us look at giant smokestacks? We get it – you spent a lot of money on them but they are neither interesting nor pretty to look at. The entire first hour was a convoluted mess. And every segment took far too long. I got bored of the dancing nurses and poorly organized children bouncing on cots after the first ten minutes – but they stayed on screen even longer. Also, why were so many people in the show wearing pajamas? Do you really want to advertise how poorly you dress to the world?

    the Vancouver opening ceremonies (despite the technical difficulties) did a much better job of explaining Canadian culture in a way that resonated with people all around the world. London’s was a bunch of in-jokes and cultural references for Brits – that left everyone else scratching their heads.

    All my friends and I stopped watching after an hour.

  9. from London

    10 years ago

    Did suck indeed. Only good bid was Bond, the Queen and, perhaps, Mr Bean, though that wasn’t exactly anything new.

  10. from London

    10 years ago

    @Jackie Hoyt

    Sadly London does look like that now, and yes, they always push their message of white women and black men

  11. Just Wow

    10 years ago

    Watching it now….

    so sad. the commentators sound embarrassed trying to hype it up.

    “these people are volunteers! they weren’t even paid for this shit!”

    “that’s real grass! how does grass work?”

  12. James Brown

    10 years ago

    t what the hell is this opening ceremony trying to show? It just looks like a bunch of disorganized people walking around portraying bits of history

  13. Oh Wow

    10 years ago

    This is me changing the channel while the volunteers carry away the fake grass and the “central” group of men in top hats attempt to appear relevant to this production.

    The whole thing looks like utter chaos! Boring chaos, that is.

  14. holy hell

    10 years ago

    this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen

  15. Yoboy

    10 years ago

    Can you UK ever do anything right?? That was horrible!!!!

  16. cheesetoast

    10 years ago

    So bad…..

  17. vij

    10 years ago

    It was neither educational nor entertaining, it was crappy and made Mitt the twit proud. Athletes entry made the show spectacular…..comes along Mr. McCartney and makes Mitt the twit proud…………..Age old crocodile rock would have been better choice.

  18. Anonymous

    10 years ago

    This is so ridiculous, I’m laughing my ass off. Did anybody explain to that idiot Danny Boyle that this was not a theatre production? It’s as if the guy couldn’t decide what to put in and what to leave out, so he decided to throw it all in there and hopefully something would stick. Sadly, though, nothing did stick, and it’s a complete train wreck!!! Come to think of it, a minute of silence would’ve been one less minute of embarrassment for the British people. What a waste of resources!!!!!

  19. Ray Horn

    10 years ago

    I turned it off. The announcers shouldn’t need to constantly interrupt such a show; they seemed compelled to keep reminding me why I should be interested. It was like watching a boring Rose Bowl parade, except plus 5 five rings and minus one hangover.

  20. andrea j. spencer

    10 years ago

    It looks like a whacky flea market !!!

  21. Sher

    10 years ago

    God Awful. It was BORING as hell. I waited all day to see this crap!!!! Now I know why they swore people to secrecy, they did not want the whole world to know ahead of time that the Opening Ceremony SUCKED

  22. Sam

    10 years ago

    The last part when everyone came together and lit the torches was amazing. I mean, it was so so British, and it was made for British people. I am British and whilst watching it, I knew people would be scratching their heads, in the US mostly because they’re so used to seeing their culture on everything.

  23. john

    10 years ago

    honestly i think these were THE worst opening ceremonies i’ve ever watched.
    they were boring
    i was confused witht he black, mixed families…i think its good to add black ppl in the media but it seemed like one part of it was totally mixed black, odd.
    the theme or stories they picked was god awful boring
    and the parts where james bond, queen and mr bean appeared did not make enough of impression to save it.
    and david beckam driving a boat. ok…so what?? i was just left thinking, wtf….i dont get it. i ended up just watching it in utter disbelief that they spent 42 million on this crap
    crap that was boring, lame and stupid when it could have been done better.

  24. Great Lakes

    10 years ago

    Mitt the Twit was right. The UK is so disorganized! No need to backtrack now. It was like watching the London puke in a garbage can ceremonies. DUD!

  25. Edward

    10 years ago

    Terrible ceremony. What a waste of time. What a bored!

  26. dana

    10 years ago

    @Sam, I don’t think it’s that America and the other countries didn’t get it. The tradition is that the opening ceremony is a way to invite people from the world to get a glimpse of what the hosting culture is about in a creative and entertaining way. This was just a cluster bomb of crap. And I don’t have a problem with the mixed raced family. That was probably a highlight, breaking the stereotype that everyone in England is white as a ghost. I liked the ideas, but the execution of them was off.

  27. Tinkebella58

    10 years ago

    Horrible, It REALLY, REALLY, sucked! I missed Beijing’s opening ceremony, but consistently heard such great praise for their show. Made sure to watch LONDON’S, and what a BIG disappointment! Just a bunch of random crap! WOW!!! How embarrassing for them.

  28. rich

    10 years ago

    thank god for this website , I thought I was the only jackass investing my time in watching this crap, reading thru the comments of all that have posted here has actually been the entertainment of the night , I feel bad for all the little ones that will be having nightmares tonight of large monsters inflating in there bedrooms while waiting for Mary Poppins to come a save the night , what a freakin Joke …

  29. Thunderbird

    10 years ago

    Drab and dark. That’s the way I’ve always thought of Great Britain and this confirms it. Smokestacks with smoke sulfur fumes for the audience to smell? Gee, with all the multiculturism crap portraid in this fiasco, you would have thought global warming would have been on their minds. Oh, but I see BP is a sponsor, I guess that explains it.

  30. Heather

    10 years ago

    What the hell do swing dancing doctors and the national health service have to do with the GD olympics????!!!!!

  31. Fitwarrior

    10 years ago

    Hey Paul! I voted for Obama and I hated this piece of shit.

  32. Samuel

    10 years ago

    What in the name of all that’s holy were these crazy Limmy’s thinking. Even the queen mum looked like she wanted to crawl under a rug from embarrassment. Maybe they were waiting for the Yanks to step in and help that fiasco a la WWII.

  33. Anon

    10 years ago

    Great job by the queen singing Hey Jude at the end. She looks great!

  34. Zach

    10 years ago

    Fireworks were pretty sweet though… All else sucked.

  35. Arvin

    10 years ago

    It was boring, very pompous and arrogant, while being dark and moody.

    just how i picture Great Britain to be honest.

    Show sucked.

  36. nobias

    10 years ago

    I feel bad for the British people, what an embarassing representation to the world. That opening ceremony was very disorganized and horribly choreographed. It was an utterly miserable show that was a extreme botched attempt at trying to have a theme and be artistic. It was most definately unmemorable and horribly non-visually simulating with guady outfits and catatonic movements. Although I’m a fan of Danny Boyle’s movies he was definately the wrong person to direct this kind of production. He better stick to films if he can get a job doing so after that mess. All in all the whole vision and even small detail choices in the ceremony were just wrong and misrepresented a great influential empire like the U.K.

  37. Lena

    10 years ago

    It’s just too MTV ish .. and a bit unrelated somehow..

  38. Alex

    10 years ago

    London sucked. San Francisco should have got the olmypic bid. SF would have made that shit bad ass.

  39. Epic Fail

    10 years ago

    I feel sorry for the people of Great Britain. They deserve better then this Harry Potter fiasco.
    Lucky they didn’t book WHAM or Boy George.

  40. Jordan

    10 years ago

    Guess there’s no profits in putting on a good opening ceremony. Western national pride is either dying or western greed is getting even bigger. Guess they wanted to save money and half ass it unless they’re retarded. The west needs to start making Olympic Ceremonies in China just like they do everything else.

  41. joe

    10 years ago

    Thanks to the Brits for wasting my time. For whatever reasons you decided to put on such a horrible show it still goes down in history and makes you look incompetent to the rest of the world.

  42. Paige

    10 years ago

    Wowww just wow! this ceremony was terrible!! it seemed like a snl parody of the ceremony it was indeed very laughable.The bejing one was a million times better it was exciting and entertaining and creative.Bejing really dished it out but Britain was just like whatever who cares.The only good part that i have praise for was the fireworks they were really fantastic but other then that i am sorely embarrsed for the british people.And what was up with the puppet people introducing the countries i was freaked out and theyre dresses were so creeeeeepyyyy.

  43. Blowme

    10 years ago

    the whole ceremony was a bunch of kids prancing around. WTF is with the NHS? I mean who gives a shit about their health system. And who the fuck where those abraham linconl/amish looking goons? Then an hour of bullshit mixture of beatles,rock, even a dumbass rapper at the end. Come on this crap sucked moose balls.

  44. Andi

    10 years ago

    I am a big fan of the Olympic opening ceremonies but what a disappointment the London opening ceremony was! The only really great things were the Queen jumping out of the helicopter, Rowan Atkinson, the fireworks and the lighting of the torch. The torch was genius! Too much was going on and didn’t make any sense and if children were watching…I’m sure they were freighted by the horrible puppet people. One Mary Poppins would suffice. Children in 80 different beds was quite overdone. The goofy young people tweating and texting and dancing around was stupid as was much of the pomp and circumstance. The audience wants to be wowed and not put to sleep. Thank goodness I was at a party where we laughed AND were stunned at the horrific opening ceremony. If I was at home alone and watching it…..the TV would have been turned off in 60 seconds. They totally missed the mark!

  45. Logen

    10 years ago

    The best part of the show was the firework at the end, but those fireworks were probably made in China.

  46. Logen

    10 years ago

    Why would they bring out old crocodiles like P McCartney? Didn’t they realize most of the athletes were born after John Lennon was killed?

    By performing songs tailored only to UK, US, CAN and a few other English speaking countries they totally alienated their guests from Africa, Asia and other parts of the world. How arrogant and what a terrible host…

    Worst part of all this is we still have the closing ceremony coming up, can Britts out do themselves again in terms of how well they suck?

  47. Izzi

    10 years ago

    Beijing was soooooooo much better. Within the first five minutes of this one I thought I was watching a damn Broadway play. It was confusing and horribly disorganized and even the military were not marching in sync…. What was the point of the giant baby? Even the commentator said they didn’t know if it was creepy or cool. Ugh horrible. I don’t even want to see the closing.

  48. Troy

    10 years ago

    I’m only ten minutes in and I’m giving up on it. Who in the hell wants to watch them break down a boring looking pasture just so they can put up choking filthy smokestacks.

    What the hell were they thinking. This is the 21st century, and what fool wants to be reminded of the beginning of the industrial revolution which brought pollution, and sulfuric smog so heavy in london that it burned and killed thousands of people and they couldn’t see from one side of the street to the other.

    This represents every stereotype about the English as being boring, colorless, unimaginative people. There is so much more to them than what I see so far. But I just can’t be bothered at this point.

  49. Daniel

    10 years ago

    ….. aweful…. simply aweful….. yeah…. yeah…. we get it – multiculti london – ohhhh the joyyyy of it….. pathetic

  50. Arvin

    10 years ago

    forget the black and white thing, the whole fucking ceremony sucked. The kids in bed, the rock songs, the fucking giant voldemort. the shit sucked from start to finish.

  51. guest

    10 years ago

    amazingly bad. i was really hoping that painfully slow changing set would explode into a massive fireworks and pyrotechnics display – something which could have said, “yeah, this is england, we’re really not that boring.” they should’ve gotten sean connery to reprise the james bond role. and what’s with all the kids singing, playing, prancing? this was at once uninspiring and disturbing, a sign of the economic times, with a minimalist creative approach. i’m looking forward to the next summer olympics opening as a correction to this absurdity.

  52. guest

    10 years ago

    Yes – must show white women with black men.
    must be some directive that media over here and in the States must follow.

  53. Luke

    10 years ago

    Thank god I finally found people who hated this thing. The worst part was the whole teen-texting and barrage of incoherent clips involving culturally irrelevant bullshit. The compelling story of a lost cell phone and spoiled teenagers!

    Nobody was in rythym. Not one person. The nannies with the kids on the beds was just bad to look at. Their outfits were fucking horrible and nobody had any training at all.

    I thought that maybe they were going for a less rigid/coreographed look, but when the members of the military carried the flag, they were completely out of step.

    Britain is known for its great literature and music. The bardic tradition. Britain has dominated the global music scene, but instead they made an homage to British cinema? Nice…

  54. Nick

    10 years ago


  55. guest

    10 years ago

    Pretty sad, if I didn’t know better I would think that the UK was sub par. 2000 years of history and socialized medicine and hip hop are the highlights?
    Maybey Mitt Romney saw the rehearsal for the ceremony!

  56. guest

    10 years ago

    They should have had a big clone war at the end.
    Mary Poppins Vs Abe Lincoln

  57. Jax

    10 years ago

    The ceremony was very boring..Theres not a single part that can be captured into my memory.I know its about Britains culture but still, the performers were everywhere, didnt know where to was just confusing.The best part was probably when Mr.Bean showed up…that was pretty much it..

  58. Iluvatar

    10 years ago

    This ceremony was pathetic!! OMG!! it was bad!! malfunctions all over the place!! the whole story sucked!! what a waste!! this whole thing was a celebration for the phukng Queen!! nothing more! all bureaucracy nothing to do with Olympics!!

    Stupid Britt’s!! always phucking something good!!

  59. guest

    10 years ago

    They spent over 40 million on this? Seriously? I’ve never seen a more disorganized and confusing opening ceremony. What a visual nightmare it was. It was like watching a really pathetic theater play directed by someone who was very confused as to what to do. Also the music choice during the parade of the athletes was utterly pathetic (watch the Athens 2004 one and compare). Overall, this was a big letdown.

  60. M

    10 years ago

    I’d like to disagree by pointing out that I watched the NHS tribute.

    But I can’t disagree because after I did watch that POS I became ill. Oh yea, and the boy and girl in the “today’s generation” piece was so representative of today’s generation too. No really, they were, this is why Britain is in the toilet and should leave the EU. I couldn’t stand it any longer and was forced to turn off the TV and retire for the evening before experiencing a physical manifestation from my disgust. Which is why I am reading now all about it and apparently everyone is in agreement.

  61. Anonymous

    10 years ago

    Completely pathetic. It was so monotonous and totally confusing. Full of demagogy. I think it shows how British politicians are completely lost. Danny Boyle irritated everybody.

  62. Jake Waltor

    10 years ago

    I’m one of the organizers of the opening ceremony and I was not surprised to hear negative comments, but anyhow there are naysayers everywhere. I want to explain that all things get a tight budget / manpower / time. Furthermore, some men ran out of the rehearsal state and started to run around, that was unexpected. Overall I think it was not too bad + thanks to the fireworks of course.

  63. Sean

    10 years ago

    Ya I was expecting an amazing show, i thought the UK had a lot more to give than a few on screen text messages and a massive Voldemort puppet (by the way did anyone else find the swarm of mary poppins’ more terrifying than the villains?? MIRIGHT?)

    What i dont get is the media praise ive been seeing for this shit. Who can honestly say that was an enjoyable show, it some good parts…I enjoyed the rings coming together and the torch was impressive. But overall just god awful!! I think i cringed at one part

  64. Jan

    10 years ago

    The open ceremony had to be the worst one ever produced . It was to chaotic with no sense of harmony or rhythm. The theme felt like a low brow Hollywood schtick . It did not reflect the culture in the UK . I can go on but wont waist my time.

  65. Pavan

    10 years ago

    What pathetic show was it…
    Being Indian we have studied each and every corner of British history…. A country with such vast and interestin history this ass(Danny) depended on film industry and tv for inspiration… Woke up night expecting London gonna exceed Beijing but this sucked to the extent it didn’t even come closer to Delhi commonwealth or even Doha Asian games opening ceremony……

  66. Was

    10 years ago

    Why do the british try so hard to show they are multicultural? Your the UK, your not America. Its ok to be not America. The Uk is something like 98% anglo saxon. 98%. I repeat 98%. They seem to have put the other 2% within the confines of london alone–which is not very wierd or anything ‘_’ in fact maybe the organizers of the london olympics actually thought that it was the london olympics, not the UK olympics, something that would explain the whole thing including 007. I was trying to think what the British are known for and couldn’t come up with anything, maybe the brits have the same problem?

  67. Anon

    10 years ago

    The Chinese must be laughing watching this tragic, poorly organized, chaotic, visually unappealing, god-awful opening ceremony.

  68. elizabeth

    10 years ago

    40 million is a tight budget?
    surely you jest.

  69. brandon

    10 years ago

    that shit just sucked,i was laughing the whole time

  70. Anonymous

    10 years ago

    They should have let the GREEKS show them how to put on an opening ceremony and as a payment they should have wiped out our debt.

  71. Laura Lelievre

    10 years ago

    Boring and amateur

  72. Jim

    10 years ago

    I thought it was excellent, and made me really proud of my country and many many people in the UK thought so too but I suppose it might be hard to understand if you don’t know our history and culture. I’ll try to explain.

    The songs sung by the kids at the start are the individual songs of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland because historically we used to be 4 different countries which came together to form the “United” Kingdom.

    The English one is an old hymn called Jerusalem and the words were written by a poet called William Blake. Its about the dream of building a better society. The first verse is:

    “And did those feet in ancient time
    Walk upon England’s mountain green?
    And was the holy Lamb of God
    On England’s pleasant pastures seen?
    And did the countenance divine
    Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
    And was Jerusalem builded here
    Among those dark satanic mills?”

    And ends with:

    “I will not cease from mental fight,
    Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand,
    Till we have built Jerusalem
    In England’s green and pleasant land.”

    So what you at the start was the idyllic England before the industrial evolution, then Kenneth Branagh made an appearance as Brunel who kicked off the industrial revolution which turned the UK from a pastoral country into an industrial powerhouse.

    But although this made Britain prosperous, it was very hard work and the conditions in those mills were hard. But what was shown was the 5th olympic ring been created out of the sweat of our workers in the steel mills.

    One of the other themes was the UK’s contributions to culture, for example Branagh quoted Shakespeare in the bit when he was speaking.

    The old guys in the red coats fought in the first world war. They weren’t actors. We have a nursing home in Chelsea that looks after all our soldiers after a certain age if they require. I’m really proud they were included.

    The other figures wandering around were suffragettes who were Victorian women who fought for the right to vote in the UK. Some of them actually died for that. There were also immigrants from Jamaica and other colonies.

    In the next part JK Rowling quoted Peter Pan because we also have a tradition of writing literature for children. She wrote Harry Potter, you know?

    1929 someone bequeathed all royalties from Peter Pan to the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, thats what GOSH meant, and also thats why they had all those nurses and children on beds. In our children’s books imaginary demons are fought but I suppose in real life we fight the real ones – sickness for example.

    After the second world war we had to rebuild our society and we thought one of the ideals of a good society would be that all our citizens could have access to healthcare regardless of how wealthy they were. I know thats a contentious subject in the US right now, I’m not preaching – its just our history.

    Then there was a medley of our musical contributions to culture, the Beatles, punk, rave music that brought us to the present day.

    It was quite weird but we are an eccentric people!! Its a tiny country but people all over the world still listen to our music, they still read our books, they copied our industrial model and *everyone* speaks our language. Before WW2 we had the largest empire the world has ever seen. From such a little country. Thats all in the past now. Not everything we did was perfect but thats our history and thats who we are

  73. Redwoodser

    10 years ago

    Why would you as a country want to celebrate during the opening of the Olympic Games, the fact that Kings and Queens kept their people in rags and enslaved them in poverty for thousands of years?
    Why would you as a country want to celebrate during the opening of the Olympic Games , sulfur pollution and the industrial revolution and the enslavement of the poor working class in the factories , when hundreds of people were dropping like flies in London every day from pollution and disease, where you couldn’t even see the sun or even hardly tell what time of day it was, because it was so disgusting and polluted?
    What an absolute travesty . It’s not as if I was looking for another reason to dislike England or their peoples slavish acceptance and adoration of the Monarchy, but this will certainly be my icing proof on a clueless crass and fatty cake.
    It was an egomaniacal , Monarchical , cultural, theatrical ,and musical attempt to pull on my heartstrings disaster. Good grief !!!!!!!!!!

  74. Jim

    10 years ago

    @ Redwoodser

    The story that was told last night was not the story of the monarchy, it was the story of the people

  75. Redwoodser

    10 years ago

    If the Queen did not show up at all, and if the Queen wasn’t in the show , and if the Queen was not in her helicopter ,and if the Queen did not thrill her sycophants near and far with a leap and a chute, and if the Queen did not grace her presence at the opening of the Games with a wee speech then yes, it would not be about the “story of the” Monarchy.
    Me thinks the evidence clearly of last nights self promoting and worshiping and Her Majesty’s history in the country would lucidly indicate otherwise, but that’s just me.

  76. tom jones

    10 years ago

    In disbelief I watched the brits kiss their own axxes for several hours.
    We saw how they gave the gift of the olympics to the world after WW2 (thought the olympics were greek).
    A grumpy queen parchutes in and later picks her nails on camera.
    We witnessed their pride at their introduction of the exploitation of the modern worker,
    and again at environmental genocide.
    We saw mediocre punk spinoff bands and a jumble of modern like dance.
    None of which has anything to do with friendly world competition or the spirit of the ‘Greek’ (not british) Olympic Games.
    Beijing rules to date.

  77. Jim

    10 years ago

    I’m not really pro or anti the monarchy, they are just a part of the furniture and its her country as much as mine.

    She’s the head of state, the games are always opened by the head of state. Its in the olympic charter.

    The speech for opening the games is always the same “I declare open the Games of [name of the host city] celebrating the [ordinal number of the Olympiad] Olympiad of the modern era.”

    Check it for yourself –

    On top of that the other month she went to Ireland and shook hands with Martin McGuinness, an ex IRA commander who may have been involved in blowing up her cousin Lord Mountbatten in order to help the peace process out there.

    Seriously, would you shake hands with someone that killed your cousin? She didn’t do that for her own benefit.

    Also her Mum was Scottish. Why not take a wee look at that

  78. Redwoodser

    10 years ago

    If 5,000 snare drummers and bagpipers filled that stadium
    and marched around for twenty minutes
    it would be impossible for me to dislike the opening ceremony
    as much as I do forever.

    I was really hoping I would get to hear some pipes
    and my hopes were dashed………….lol

  79. brandon

    10 years ago


  80. Tanya

    10 years ago

    Guys, looks like this started a WW3

  81. M

    10 years ago

    OMG was, you are so on point!!!

    Britain is not the US, stop being their lap dog and grow a pair – which is hard considering who is the monarchy.

    I still can’t believeS2Mf
    we lost to them

  82. sean mc

    10 years ago

    Hey Jim,
    Thanks for the lecture, buy me thinks thou dost protest too much. And you got a couple facts wrong. I love how you mention that the 4 countries ‘got together’ to form the UK! Like it was decided over tea and krumpets! Yeah, that’s how it happened. No hostle British takeover or anything!
    And ‘the guys in the red coats weren’t actors? Really? They actually fought in WWI? Which ended in 1918? That must be one hell of a healthcare system you have afterall, if it can keep 109 year old men well enough to parade around at a pathetic olympic opening ceremony!

  83. MV

    10 years ago

    Every segment was boring & unnecessarily stretched. Pathetic ceremony!!

  84. Jim2

    10 years ago

    You are right about WW1. There was a service for those guys a few years back I remember because there were only a handful left. I don’t know if any of them are still alive. I always associate them with the WW1 guys since I was a kid.
    However, they were not actors, but genuine veterans, I guess from WW2?

    Scroll down a bit, this article shows them:

    This is the home they stay at:
    And there was lots of bloodshed, injustice, wars and all kinds of stuff. Empire building wasn’t pretty and quite often it wasn’t fair either. I’m not trying to justify any of that. Theres still lots of friction too, we had riots recently.

    What you got instead of a big spectacular extravaganza that gets bigger and bigger every year (and its hardly likely we were going to outdo China) was something completely different.
    We showed you our history, sang our oldest songs, sang our newest songs read bits of our children’s fairytales and poetry, showed you where we came from, showed you how shit life was and how we tried to improve it. And a fart joke.

    Anyway thats who we are

  85. Jim

    10 years ago

    Oh well Erik I see you are blocking my comments now.

    I understand you didn’t like the show but all I was trying to do was explain it a bit better. It may have been incomprehensible to some but it had a good heart.

    All the best

  86. Jim

    10 years ago

    Oh wait….damn. It looks like my larger reply is awaiting moderation, maybe because of its size? DAMN

  87. Jim

    10 years ago

    @sean mc

    Was having trouble posting this, think its to do with the URLS, so have prefixed them with _

    You are right about WW1. There was a service for those guys a few years back I remember because there were only a handful left. I don’t know if any of them are still alive. I always associate them with the WW1 guys since I was a kid.

    However, they were not actors, but genuine veterans, I guess from WW2?

    Scroll down a bit, this article shows them:


    This is the home they stay at:

    And there was lots of bloodshed, injustice, wars and all kinds of stuff. Empire building wasn’t pretty and quite often it wasn’t fair either. I’m not trying to justify any of that. Theres still lots of friction too, we had riots recently.

    What you got instead of a big spectacular extravaganza that gets bigger and bigger every year (and its hardly likely we were going to outdo China) was something different.

    We showed you our history, sang our oldest songs, sang our newest songs read bits of our children’s fairytales and poetry, showed you where we came from, showed you how shit life was and how we tried to improve it. And a fart joke.

    Anyway thats who we are. Doesn’t matter if you didn’t like it, its over now

  88. elizabeth

    10 years ago

    I’m from Chicago… and I also thought the London Opening Ceremonies SUCKED big time. I was just horrified how bad they were.

    Where is the majesty? Where is the grandeur?

    It was just a bunch of pathetic little jokes that made the British look weak. Their famous “sense of humor”….. is that all they have LEFT? It was sad.

    The only part I liked was the rings of fire in the air… that was majestic.

    Hospital beds? Voldemort? Dancing nurses? A giant baby? A look back at British music….. all so backwards and pitiful. I love British music, but the display was just random and more like a lame “greatest hits” parade.

    Super disappointed.

  89. online urns store

    10 years ago

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  90. Jim

    10 years ago

    @elizabeth I feel like I’m becoming a bit of a stuck record but I’m enjoying this thread soo…

    If you look at the ceremony in Beijing it was all beautifully coordinated and so on but the UK doesn’t have those kind resources. Our empire passed away 100 years ago and those kind of pageants are over for us.

    But when the tide went out all we had left was our culture and people; those nurses weren’t professional dancers in nurse outfits – they were *real* nurses.

    Theres certain people in society that make things work that people never usually pay homage to, nurses, firemen and so on. We did

  91. Jim

    10 years ago

    Like, they work at a sick children’s hospital that was set up years ago. Those were the real men and women that look after our sick kids. We put them centre stage

  92. denzuko

    10 years ago

    It was like watching a bad history movie mixed with bad reality tv, bad 80’s movie, bad 80’s music video, etc.
    The only good things was maybe the fire Olympics logo and fireworks.

  93. Jim

    10 years ago

    I guess some people got it and some didn’t.
    The Chinese have asked for a stage version to tour already:


  94. Scott

    10 years ago

    The worst opening ceremonies since the French games!

  95. Wizard

    10 years ago

    I admit the London 2012 Opening Ceremony was a tad bit boring and lacked any organic cultural heritage or history but I prefered this opening ceremony to Bejing 2008. Bejing was so stiff and unnatural that I couldn’t watch it. Personally Athens 2004 was my favorite as it was organic had meaning and 4 Billion people tuned in to watch it from start to finish. London only pulled in 1 billion viewers.

  96. Nick

    10 years ago

    One thing that struck me about this awful ceremony was that it was clearly all about entertainment media – probably the most vacuous and pitiful part of what passes for western culture nowadays. James Bond? Voldemort? Mary poppins? Pop music? Seemingly endless movie clip montage? Texting? This was all about sucking up to the corporate media money making machine – i suppose that’s what one should expect from a film director.
    About the only thing that wasn’t geared toward adoration of corporate media was the bit about the NHS and frankly while it is something that britons may rightly be proud of (unlike the pitiful system here in the US) I think it was simply out of place as an element of an olympic opening show.
    Add to this the social engineering (are mixed race couples really the ‘typical’ british family?) and you get nothing but a mish mash of politically correct claptrap and celebrity worship from yet another cog in the machine that is trying to keep everyone in thrall. Danny Boyle, you can suck it.

  97. london sucks

    10 years ago

    stupid shitshow.
    it was terrible to watch and actually made me hate britain.

    danny boyle needs to get slapped in the face

  98. Jesse

    10 years ago

    Horrible, chavy, and bad. In a vain attempt to appeal to the stupid, Danny Boyle has embarrassed London and the cultural heritage of the country. Sure, a little pop music helps bump it up a bit to the 21st century, but I concluded that the people who made the show were very unsure of their love of country, and very discontent with the history and the people of britain, so stuck with a string of both century cliches, skimming over the eternal poets and artists britain has produced in order to leave more time for a ‘Haus Party’.
    What about high culture? A bit of Elgar? A bit of Purcell? A bit on the evolution of Renaissance London? Just a couple seconds snipped off the dull and vacuous social networking romance and Sex Pistols tribute to make room for the good stuff?
    Someone mentioned earlier about their hatred of the Monarchy (as if the industrial revolution was a big plan independently conceived by a contemptuous Queen Victoria) but I’d have much preferred 19th century pageantry to this pop garbage.

  99. nobody cares

    10 years ago

    Do none of you relise that nobody cares about your ridiculously exaggerated opinions. So many of you are such haters who could have made the square root of sod all for an opening ceremony whereas ocsar winning director Danny Boyle made an opening ceremony which was considered good by people who’s opinion does matter. Haters. Such Haters.

  100. guest

    10 years ago

    Danny Boyle should just stick to doing movies.

  101. Erik Westermann

    10 years ago

    Hi – your comment was just waiting for moderation – approved now. Thanks!

  102. Silla

    10 years ago

    Well, it’s not like they could show the history of GB. i.e. colonizing, backstabbing and destroying other countries civilizations and exploiting the people for cheap labor. That’s all that comes to my mind when the Brits are involved.

  103. waste of history

    10 years ago

    Sorry but I would like to support the arts and REAL dancers and real entertainers. Starving artists need more support than employed nurses! And they actually entertain! Collosal FAIL…You don’t invite the world to tune in to watch untrained, untalented zombies. Where wasThe tea? The TEA!!! The tea for f—sake the f—ing tea!!! I would have done the hugest, most beautiful english garden routine, with beautiful flowers and critters and hedges. And then I would have a whole part about the fashion and the dapper dressers and a whole bit with Beefeaters and pageantry and maybe even marching british police. Brass instruments. Please WHY couldn’t we have had the BAGPIPES??? What about Sherlock holmes and the british detective? Not an ad for 007, but the village detective. Even a huge guillotine and bit about beheading!. Thought there would be a part about the bombing of London and the resiliency of the Brits! Then bring on the tea and teapots!!! I mean, there is just soooo much that could have been done. Today show would not say a word and when Savannah Guthrie asked matt and meredith about the ceremony they were silent. Yes, include the industial revolution, but not the entire time! The texting/cellphone dating thing…UGH!!! Ok, fine Sir paul, yes ok, but WTF does Hey Jude have to do with the olympics??? It was a song written for Julian! Where was Elton? The wigs and the redcoats?? Queen did not look interested…If you are gonna make HM a focal point, why not have some pageantry and horses??? Have Will and Harry run the torch up side by side…Danny was drunk, and I don’t blame London. This just makes me realize how very many things there are to love about Britain that were not included!

  104. Tony-Stunned

    10 years ago

    Mr. Jake Waltor, my sympathy to you sir and no disrespect, but I can sum up the opening fiasco in 2 words; POSITIVELY ABYSMAL! I’ve seen every Olympics for nearly 50 years & I’ve never witnessed such a convoluted disaster. No, my wife and I were not entertained, save for the fireworks & rings, which was too little, too late. We sat there is utter disbelief at how awful it was. It was self-aggrandizement on a global scale, congrats.
    Evidently, they spent 35 million on the idiotic, ugly smokestacks! How exactly were they interesting? Redwooster, you were spot-on with your assessment, kudos. How the U.S. media kissed the Brits asses was perhaps the most revolting part of it all. An absolutely miserable experience suffering through the pompous display, just glad it’s over.
    We now know not to waste our time watching anything produced by Britain, thanks!

  105. Mitchie

    10 years ago

    The ceremony was terrible. The incessant peddling of socialist ideals, coupled with its dark and disorganized feel start to finish was atrocious. I watched it with friends and we were only able to stick it through by mocking it. During the NHS skit, which seemed to drag on and on, we just checked our Twitter accounts and read about everyone else panning the ceremony as the “worst in history”

    London doesn’t have anything on Beijing. At all.

    Danny Boyle failed.

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