Google Health Ends

Google Health Ends

June 24th, 2011 // 8:37 pm @

Google announced it is retiring its Google Health service by January 1 2012. Google Health was a service that allowed people to share their health information with healthcare professionals.

Citing a lack of impact on users’á day-to-day health experiences and slow adoption among patients, caregivers, and fitness and wellness enthusiasts, Google said its health service would completely wind down Google Health operations by January 1 2013, giving current users one year to download their health data.

Google Health had significant from Microsoft’s HealthVault. Microsoft’s HealthVault allows patients to share their health information with healthcare providers using Microsoft’s cloud-based services. Microsoft’s HealthVault held a significant lead over Google Health and has broad support from third party applications, services, and devices that include heart rate monitors and pacemakers.

Consumers and healthcare providers have been quick to adopt Microsoft’s HealthVault yet Google Health didn’t see its rate of adoption keep pace.

Google Health is providing users the ability to download their health data from their service in a variety of formats, including an industry standard format called the ATSM CCR (Continuity of Care Record).á Microsoft’s HealthVault supports the ATSM CCR format in addition to the HL7 CCD (Continuity of Care Document).

The author of this article has experience in implementing HeathVault solutions based on theá HL7 CCD and implemented using BizTalk Server 2010 Line Of Business Adapter SDK. Contact Erik Westermann for more information.

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