ElegantThemes’ Glider Theme Inludes FancyBox

ElegantThemes’ Glider Theme Inludes FancyBox

January 13th, 2011 // 10:58 pm @

I came across FancyBox – a jquery-based image viewer, and was impressed. I also came across ElegantTheme’s Glider theme for WordPress – and was impressed again. The theme includes a really nice lookingáportfolio.

I wasásurprisedáto see that ElegantThemes’ Glider theme includes FancyBox (version 1.2.6), and wanted to know how to use it. The theme you download does not look quite as good as their demo.

Some digging, much learning, and much later . . .

You can make your portfolio appear to be similar to the one you see on ElegantThemes’ site by adding this to your <a href…> tag: class=’fancybox’ (edit your page in HTML view).

You don’t need to download a WP plugin to get it working – just add class=’fancybox’ to get it working!

This post describes the details (refer to the red text).

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